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Licence agreement

1. If you use any program from Binary Insight Software (simply "program" below in the text), specifies that you accept all conditions of this agreement. If you don't accept any condition of the present agreement, remove the program from your computer.

2. All programs are intellectual property of their authors, and all rights on them belong only to their authors. The infringement of any item of this agreement entails the criminal liability.

3. It's strictly forbidden to make any changes into program's modules and extracting of source code by any procedures (disassembling, decompiling and so on) without written permission of program's authors.

4. It's forbidden to use the same format of program's files and the same interface of the program (arrangement of buttons, help, structure of preferences and so on) in other applications without written permission of the program's authors.

5. All programs are distributed strictly below their conditions of distribution (freeware - free-of-charge, adware - free, but the program will show ads and shareware). Any distribution for sale or purchase, without written permission of authors is forbidden.

6. This software is provided AS-IS, without warranty of any kind. The authors will not be held liable for any damage to you, your computer, or to anyone or anything else, which may result from its use, or misuse.

7. When you contact programs' authors they are only obliged to consider the reasons which have caused programs' failure and, probably, to consider them in the newer versions of the program.

8. You have rights to use and redistribute the programs for unlimited time without the obligatory written permission of authors, until you don't break any condition of present licence agreement.

9. Binary Insight Software team reserves to itself a right to change this licence agreement without obligatory users notification.

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